Summer Concert Series - O'hAnleigh

Saturday, Oct 24, 2020 at 7:00pm


Tom Hanley, is second-generation Irishman descended of immigrants from Counties Laois and Roscommon, performed with bar rock bands since the early 1970's-- and he's STILL sitting around the basement listening to... you know, those things,... RECORDS, and writing an impressive number of songs on an even more impressive number of instruments.

Becca Hanley rocks on the bodhran and shines on obscure instruments like the autoharp and bowed psaltery, but is even more breathtaking on that original and most ethereal of all instruments: the voice. Her soprano flows from choir highs to gutsy bluesy lows on haunting ballads and bawdy bar tunes.

Cindy Hill’s ancestors hail from Counties Tyrone and Limerick.  Her musical credentials range from school orchestra and chorus to a succession of party rock bands, and her interest in traditional Celtic music sprang from her long political activism in the Irish independence movement.  Cindy brings a knowledge of Celtic mythology and legends to the band along with her multi-instrumental talents.

From classic Gaelic ballads to rollicking pub songs, Irish-American ‘tin pan alley’ tunes to traditional dance sets, songs of rebellion to songs of love and loss, O’hAnleigh’s vocal talents combine to create the unique O’hAnleigh sound.  Their vocal diversity is supported with a dazzling array of instruments including 6 and 12 string guitars, bouzouki, mandolin, bass, fiddle, tenor banjo, penny whistles, harmonica, bowed psaltery, dulcimer, autoharp, bodhrans, bones, spoons, and a whole assortment of other small percussion, much of it hand-made out of odd bits of things found in the garage to get just the right sound for a particular song.

The O'hAnleigh's playlist numbers in the hundreds, including a hearty dose of rebel tunes and a growing list of original pieces, as Tom and Cindy compose music and lyrics to expand the Irish-American folk genre.  Their performances are noted for the rapid-fire pace of their song list, as well-rehearsed instrument changes and dramatic or humourous pieces of the ‘spoken word’ (Irish poetry) blend one song into the next for a non-stop set of musical energy.

Doors - 6:30 p.m.
Suggested Donation: $10 per person at the door.
Lite Fare, Wine, Beer, and Desserts available for sale throughout the evening.