The 6 Best Escape Rooms in and Around Vermont!

Escape rooms—the latest craze. On the rise across the country, escape rooms provide the opportunity to work with a group of friends, family, or coworkers to solve your way out of a room by using a variety of clues. The pressure is on as soon as your time starts. Do you think you’ll be able to find your way out? From minimalist rooms to trickier-than-average puzzles, here are the best escape rooms in and around Vermont! 

Escape Room 60, Williston, VT

Great for birthday parties, corporate team building, or a night out with the family, Escape Room 60, offers a themed room with clues and hidden puzzles. Work together with friends or as a small group to solve mysteries and crack the code to escape before the time runs out. You have 60 minutes to put it all together during an activity that has been proven to increase problem-solving skills and team morale. 

Granite State Escape Room, Manchester, NH

With three rooms to choose from, Vintage Circus, where you struggle to find missing patrons, Defuse the Bomb, where you work under an added pressure to succeed, and the Mystery of ManchVegas, a casino-theme who-done-it thriller. Generally, groups who communicate well have success in these rooms but you never know until you try.

Portsmouth Escape Room, Portsmouth, NH

At Portsmouth, their games are designed and built in-house, so they are unique to the location. And the folks at PER are 100 percent committed to every guest's enjoyment his/her visit. So don your sleuthing hat and try to think your way out of these ones of a kind problem-solving games before you are out of time.

Key to Escape, Nashua, NH

Choose from four eerie escape rooms, including Sunken Submarine, a U.S. Navy submarine-theme escape module, House in the Woods, based on the Hansel & Gretel nursery rhyme, Cuckoos Nest, an asylum-themed haunt, and The Incident, an extra-terrestrial affair. You have an hour to ninety minutes to escaped kid-friendly, intermediate, and expert-rated rooms.

Break Free 603, Amherst, NH

Think Davinci Code meets small town vanishing and you have about got this escape room. Your Uncle Joe left his small hometown when he was 18 and was never heard from again except for postcards from him in supposed far off lands. Uncle Joe recently passed, and you have to put together the pieces of his life before it is too late.

Curious Escape Rooms, Fitchburg, MA

Experience the live-action thrill of escaping a real-life dollhouse of a 1990s video store. If you like scavenger hunts and solving puzzles than this place is for you? Designed specifically to transport you into a new world you’ll be trapped in these fanciful scenarios unless you can unlock the clue to free yourself. But you had better hurry. The clock is ticking.

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