Art Gallery Reception - Botanical Art by Susan Sawyer

Art Gallery Reception - Botanical Art by Susan Sawyer

Thursday, Jul 11, 2019 from 5:30pm to 7:00pm


Join us for an exhibition and celebration of artist and naturalist Susan Sawyer’s wonderful botanical artwork, on display at North Branch Nature Center from July through September.

Artist Remarks at 6 pm
Refreshments provided.

Artist’s Statement

My work is concerned with the natural world. I like to look at things, especially close up. Looking has made me a naturalist, and made me an artist. I’m fascinated by patterns, colors, structures, and growth. A bud, a twig, a seed, a leaf. Is there anything in the world more worth paying attention to?

So I’ve spent a good part of my life watching and learning about things that live in the water and the woods. I choose to make images of plants and animals that are native in my part of northern Vermont. They are what matters most to me. Sitting with them and taking the time to make images of them lets me see them in the deepest way I know.

In all of these images, in the process of making a picture of a thing, I’m translating three dimensions into two, light into marks, maybe leaving out color altogether, editing, emphasizing, leaving out, clarifying, and most of all, honoring. I hope to communicate something about it that has caught my attention, and worth seeing.