The Monkey House

30 Main Street


Wesley G. Kenney

Tuesday, Feb. 13, 2018

Good selection of beer, cheap. Sometimes the shows are good, sometimes they aren't, but they are dog friendly and have good beer.

Subash Selvaraj

Friday, Sep. 8, 2017

Average bar experience. Expected selection. Fun events including grunge night and decent DJ's. Would recommend to anyone in the area.

Rory Mccarroll

Thursday, Feb. 2, 2017

I left a mostly full beer on the bar and went outside for a smoke. When I came back the beer was gone. When I inquired with the staff they brushed me off with 'we're not responsible for beer'. I picked up a cocktail that I know was abandoned, 20 minutes later a bartender asks me if I've been drinking unattended drinks. I say yes. He jumps onto the bar, down from the bar, grabs my arm, and pushes me out the door. Nice atomsphere, cool crowd, lousy and sometimes violent staff.

tucker dimasi

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Cute place kinda dive good music also didn't get stabbed

Waid Johnson

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Very cool bartenders and pretty good drafts