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Shakespeare in the Woods

Shakespeare in the Woods (SitW) is an outdoor Southern Vermont theatre festival running from Mid-August to Mid-September 2019.  We are excited to announce that Northshire Civic Center - Riley Rink at Hunter Park is officially hosting the Festival's first season.

Each production seeks to deliver a professional caliber celebration of classical text through an unconventional, modern, and socially aware lens, all while embracing Vermont’s natural offerings.  Our first season will consist of "Much Ado About Nothing", "Romeo & Juliet", and "The Taming of the Shrew", and will be exploring the overarching theme of how we do and/or do not listen to womxn in society.

The core of Shakespeare in the Woods’ mission is: To provide exceptional quality theatre that celebrates the text through exploration of relevant social issues and themes; To make art that is accessible to all audiences regardless of socioeconomic or geographical standing; To engage younger generations of Vermonters through educational outreach that demonstrates the potential for growing the performing arts community right at home in Southern VT.

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