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Lake Carmi State Park

460 Marsh Farm Road

With a 1375-acre surface area, Carmi is the fourth largest natural lake entirely within Vermont. It is 7.5 miles around, averaging about 20 feet in depth, and is 33 feet at its deepest point.  The lake supports northern pike, walleyes, and other warm water species. The lake drains north into Quebec’s Pike River, then into Lake Champlain. Lake Carmi was once much larger. In the thousands of years since the last ice age, the southern end of the original lake has silted in, creating wetland forests and the third largest peat bog in Vermont.

Most of the 140-acre bog lies within Lake Carmi State Park and is a designated State Natural Area. Natural Areas have been set aside for the preservation and protection of their unique ecological, geological, or scenic and contemplative values. The road to Camping Area “B” cuts through the bog and is the northern boundary of the Natural Area. The high ground on which Camping Area “B” is built would be an island if not for the bog.

The Lake Carmi Bog is characterized by spindly black spruce trees, with lesser  numbers of  tamarack trees. Shrubs, especially mountain holly, form a thick and nearly impenetrable understory. The ground plants includes pitcher plants, sedges, sphagnum mosses and other typical bog plants. This black spruce-tamarack bog is largely undisturbed and is unusual in Vermont for its size.

The state park includes over two miles of frontage on the south and east shore of Lake Carmi. Most of the 482-acres were purchased in 1959. The park was developed in stages through the 1960’s. Some of the land is under agricultural license so the open fields are maintained by farming activity.

There are 140 tent/trailer sites, 35 lean-to sites, and 2 cabins that make this the state's largest campground. Rest rooms have running water and hot showers($). There is a trailer dump station but no hookups. Most sites are large enough to accommodate self-contained RVs. There are swimming beaches in both camp areas. There is also a day use beach with a nature center, rest rooms and rental boats.


Tim White

Sunday, July 1, 2018
This is the best State Park in VT of the many we've visited. Great staff! Nice lots, but you should read the descriptions carefully if you're towing a trailer. Some of the sites are at a really tough angle for a larger trailer. Beautiful park, nice layout, good spacing. The dump station is finally on the right side of the road. Mostly, the place seems cared for, and cared about

Manuel Colin

Saturday, Aug. 4, 2018
Very nice, starting with the staff. Really friendly. Great beaches.

Alexandra Belloy-Poudrette

Thursday, July 5, 2018
If you come stay here as a base towards adventure around, Lake Carmi is a great spot. The campground is large, there are numerous facilities (though they can get quite dirty at the end of the day ... Camping life!). There is wifi available at the main office and people respect speed limits (15 mph) on the campgrounds. However, if you only come for the beach, here's your headsup: waterweed. Everywhere. If you mind that kind of tickling while swimming, maybe go elsewhere.

Gerald Flanders

Monday, July 16, 2018
Paved roads dry firewood. Quiet, peaceful. Going again next month.

April Gilbert

Friday, June 1, 2018
We always enjoy a visit to Lake Carmi. It's a little early in the season, and we went a bit late in the day, so we were the only ones there.

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