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Frog Hollow Vermont State Craft Center

85 Church Street

The parent organization of the Frog Hollow Gallery is the Frog Hollow Craft Association, a 501C3 non profit arts organization. Over the past 40 years we have provided education programs for children, young artists and community members as well as development opportunitues for Vermont artists and artisans.

Consistent with our mission we continue to develop these educational programs in addition to a variety of initiatives in support of our Vermont artisan community.

Our Board of Directors is comprised of community members, artisans and artists.


Maura Kelley

Monday, Feb. 26, 2018
Pretentious & Mediocre “gallery” that lacks inspiring, illuminating and sculptural works

Kusang Shakpa

Saturday, July 15, 2017
Typicall Burlington store. Love it every time I come here

Ellen Withee

Friday, Aug. 26, 2016
If you have unlimited resources this is a great place to shop. There are some beautiful pieces of pottery and some furniture and jewelry and a lot of prints, framed and unframed. Everything is incredibly expensive. I kept chiding myself, "This is art. You are paying for art not just wood and clay." Some of the "art" really was beautiful. Like the $6000 chair. To me that really is a masterpiece. Having said that, I will also tell you that a chair really isn't a chair if no one is allowed to sit in it and sadly, for that price, I think that would be the case. Then there are the prints. Many, many pretty and pleasant photographs, nicely matted and framed,but I just can't imagine paying $600 for a nicely framed picture that I could take myself. Again, some were truly art, but in my opinion, most were just good photos. We did buy two instrumental cd's recorded by a Vermont musician. They were $15 each and quite good. Overall though, I left feeling like maybe if I sharpen my camera skills just a little I could make a little extra cash. It's great to support local artists but unless that artist is highly acclaimed, completely unique or the creator of something you just can't live without, I think they are maybe a bit overpaid in this case.

Timothy Gerber

Sunday, April 17, 2016
This place is great. You will find some of the most authentic and inspiring art local to Vermont here. It is not cheap, but it is worth it to support the local artists who are extremely talented. The works you find here are unique to this part of New England; you will not find it elsewhere so if you like it get it. Hand blown glass is a popular item.

miles camin

Monday, Jan. 2, 2017
Great place if you enjoy wasting money. Most of this stuff is way over priced, trying to suck money out of tourist from out of state, trying to show off "Vermont Crafts" to their friends. It's kind of like tourist buying the crap they sell at "Basketville" in Putney and Manchester VT., which by the way most their junk is imported from China and other parts of the world. Really a two hundred dollar backgammon board made from two dollars worth of wood and a dollars worth of hardware, and all because someone from Vermont spent a few hours putting it together. But I guess if I could get one of those rich snobs from out of state to pay the price why not. I gave it one star because you have to mark at least one.

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