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Burton Island State Park

2714 Hathaway Point Road

Burton Island is a 253-acre park off the southwestern tip of St. Albans Point in Lake Champlain’s 'Inland Sea'. The park is accessible only by boat, with the state’s passenger ferry making the 10-minute trip from Kamp Kill Kare State Park.

18th century maps refer to this as the “Isle of White.” Jesse Welden, an early St. Albans settler and agent for Ethan and Ira Allen, is attributed with clearing and farming the island. As recently as 1874, Lake Champlain navigation charts label it “Potter’s Island,” though C.C. Burton, a farmer on the mainland, was using the island for pasture by the 1840’s. Sidney Burton owned the island through the early 1900’s and leased it to tenant farmers who raised cows, pigs, sheep and chickens. Crops included beans and peas.  Remnants of the island’s agricultural past such as fence lines and stone piles, rusted farm implements and the foundation of the old barn are still visible.


Justin L

Monday, June 11, 2018
One of the better state parks in Vermont. What helps set this place above the rest is there are no campers, no cars (other than a few park vehicles) to disrupt you. The lake sites are really great. Trails to the far side of the island offer nice views of both VT and NY for both sunrise and sunset. The lean-tos are well taken care of and are worth the extra money on longer stays or inclement weather. Bring a bike to help cruise the island quicker.

Mark Gregoire

Monday, Dec. 25, 2017
Love what the island offers, food, camping, a place to relax, and other activities. Water is warm for the summer and their is shallow and deep areas around the island. Good place to take Family and friends for a week of vacation.😇

Katherine Yoder

Tuesday, Feb. 13, 2018
The gem of VSP, a truly unique treasure. This is a NO vehicle island which makes the experience even more unique. You can hop on the Island Runner ferry from Kill Kare State Park which services the island exclusively or come on your own boat, canoe or kayak. The marina accomodates both campground camper's boats as well as those wishing to visit for the day or stay on their vessel. The docks are well kept, recently updated and there is almost always someone nearby to lend assistance. There is a pump out service but they do not sell gas. The island is a rich habitat for small wildlife, especially many species of birds. Be prepared with water shoes if you plan to swim anywhere other than the camper's beach. The island is referred to as 'the Rock' for a reason. There are interpretative programs through the season, a favorite if camping kids, fishing is allowed all over the island and there are various trails, all easy to navigate is there is no notable elevation on the island. The waterfront lean-tos are the most sought after, each with a westerly waterfront view to take in the stunning Lake Champlain sunsets. They also just built three new ADA accessible cabins for those who prefer more of a glamping experience. There is a small store on the island offering breakfast, lunch, ice, beer and wine and a surprising variety of food stuffs and camping needs. The staff is top notch, warm and friendly, well-informed and someone is available and on island 24/7. The facilities are some of the cleanest of any state park I've visited; there is a LOT of pride put into this park. Just don't tell your's Vermont's best kept secret!!

Karen and Logan boys

Saturday, Nov. 25, 2017
Great place to camp or moor a boat. Many services and lots of places to roam. Hot showers and nice people

Tony Bilodeau

Wednesday, June 14, 2017
My favorite place to camp. Only recently has there been any problems with raccoons or other nighttime visitors. Showers could use some work. Since there are no cars, kids can bike with no worries. Bright stars at night and so peaceful & quiet. The store has random hours that often don't match the posted hours. The sunsets are a must-see.

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