Burlington Skate Park

The state-of the art facility is currently under construction as part of the Waterfront Access North project.  This new park will replace the much-loved and well-used skatepark, components of which have been temporarily relocated in the south end of the Urban Reserve for interim use during construction.  The new skatepark, along with the Waterfront Access North project, is anticipated to be completed this fall.  Stay tuned!


Ben Sprenger

Wednesday, Oct. 11, 2017

A good skate park for skateboards. I scooter and this park is not in favor for the use of scooters. Very professionally built and looks straight from L.A.

Dennis Grady

Thursday, Dec. 28, 2017

I don't skateboard but it seemed fun. The kids enjoyed watching the skateboarders.

Bill Niquette

Wednesday, Dec. 27, 2017

A world class skatepark in a unique waterfront setting.

Rob Hnasko

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

This is a fun park with a great flow. They built this park right. The only thing lacking is a decent flatbar. the a-frame bar that has a bank up to it is not very good. Cool vibe from the locals, at least on a Sunday Morning. The place can get busy, but there is a webcam that allows you to see how busy it is.

Lucky Th13teen

Monday, Oct. 16, 2017

Not only an exceptional skatepark but also an amazing memorial to an amazing dj