Women's Film Festival

Women's Film Festival

Sunday, Mar 29, 2020 at 12:00pm


Schedule of Events:

12PM: 5:03

2019 Vicki Schairer 9 minutes US Short Drama

After a night out ends in assault, a normally confident student struggles to restore her sense of self.

Screening as part of the Shorts Program.

12PM: Exam

2019 Sonia Hadad 15 minutes Iran Short Drama Subtitled

A teenage girl reluctantly agrees to deliver a pack of cocaine on the day of an important test. A series of unforeseen events threaten to derail more than just her GPA.

Screening as part of the Shorts Program.

12PM: Human Being

2019 Amy Frear 8 minutes US Short Fantasy

While on a mission on Earth, an alien becomes pregnant and seeks an abortion.

Screening as part of the Shorts Program.

12PM: Labor Relations

2019 Karisa Bruin 6 minutes US Short Comedy

In this absurd comedy, a very pregnant Emogen Farrar goes into labor at work and decides to keep working while she delivers her baby.

Screening as part of the Shorts Program.

12PM: One Hot Day

2019 Lorin Davis 14 minutes US Short Dramedy

Celia’s a hot woman in a cold world and no one understands.

Screening as part of Shorts Program.

12PM: Premenstrual Margot

2019 Vanessa Csordas-Jenkins 19 minutes US Short Comedy

In a world, where menstrual cycles are celebrated, a late bloomer fakes her first period to fit in.

Screening as part of Shorts Program.

2PM: Bekoji 100

2019 Julia Hanlon 15 minutes Ethiopia Short Doc Subtitled

Meet Desta and Zabu, two young runners from Ethiopia as they embark on the first-ever 100-mile ultra relay race across Ethiopia joined by international runners and their Girls Gotta Run Foundation teammates.  Along the way they share their athletic ambitions and the trials they face as young women in their society.

Screening with Float and Life in Synchro.

2PM: Float

2019 Saila Huusko 21 minutes Sri Lanka Short Documentary Subtitled

When the Indian Ocean tsunami swept over much of the Asian continent in 2004, nearly 80% of those who drowned were women and children. One of the crucial reasons was that women didn’t know how to swim or even float. For many women living in rural areas in South Asia, there are cultural and social barriers to entering bodies of water that they often live right next to. Through the unique personal stories of three different women from coastal Sri Lanka who confront community expectations by learning to swim and, along the way, swimming becomes a way to float in life.

Screening with Bekoji 100 and Life in Synchro.

2PM: Life in Synchro

2019 Angela Pinaglia 54 minutes US Documentary

Synchronized ice skating be a cold and unforgiving world, but to the women and girls who find family here, it’s home. Journey alongside skaters, both amateurs and professionals, as they push their teams and themselves beyond the routine and up towards greatness.

Screening with Bekoji 100 and Float.

4PM: Flesh Out

2019 Michela Occhipinti 94 minutes Italy Subtitled

Verida is a modern girl. She works in a beauty salon, is addicted to social media and hangs out with her friends. Still, she is engaged to a man chosen by her family. Like many girls her age, she is under pressure to gain a substantial amount of weight in a tradition called gavage, in order to reach the voluptuous body considered in Mauritania a sign of great beauty, charm, wealth and social status. The wedding is fast approaching and meal after meal Verida is starting to challenge everything she always thought was normal: her loved ones, her way of life, and not least, her own body.

6PM: That’s the Way You Love

2019 Limor Schmila 96 minutes Israel Feature Drama Subtitled

Tamara, a successful career woman, lives in a world of high expectations and perfect performances. When she gives birth to her first daughter, the change shakes her world, altering the power dynamics in her marriage and sex life.

8PM: Red

2019 Amit Shamir 13 minutes Israel Short Drama Subtitled

On the evening of the Jewish Passover, Leon, a 14-year-old girl, gets her period for the first time. During the dinner celebration, she challenges her family to confront the patriarchal traditions within their home.

Screening with Runaway.

8PM: Runaway

2019 Meg Knowles 68 minutes US Documentary

On the cusp of her 14th birthday, a girl disappears from summer camp. On purpose. Filmmaker Meg Knowles – sister of the Runaway – unearths that summer of 1973, long ago buried by her family, to weave a tale of teen angst gone off the rails, a mother’s patient desperation and a sister’s disbelief. Join this 3,000 -mile hitchhiking/couch- surfing ride across America, from an upscale New England summer camp to a California commune.

Screening with Red.