Concert - Shake

Friday, Oct 18, 2019 at 7:00pm


Summer Evenings with Vermont Treasures - Shake

Since their debut show in May of 2016, the Vermont based band Shake has been determined to make their presence known as a musical force to be reckoned with. With a modern twist to melodic rhythm and blues, Shake brings the party to the people with their vibrant energy and presence. The combination of pop and soul has given rise to Shake's unique and well received tone; a tone made possible by a mutual love of roots music and a desire to bring to it a new spirit. Several years prior to the band's formation, Shake's Karyl Williams (keys) had been actively performing as a member of the band Clean Slate. It was here that she met Jesse Agan (guitar) when he joined Clean Slate in 2014 as the bassist. As a result of similar musical interests, the two developed a strong connection, which eventually led the pair to seek a different musical scene.

In late 2014, Williams left Clean Slate, though Agan would stay for another year. In the winter of 2015, Agan joined forces with Williams again, establishing the beginning of what would be Shake. Steven Beaulieu (drums) was the third to be recruited. Beaulieu, a good friend of Agan's, had also been longing for an opportunity to bring his well-rehearsed, blues-inspired drumming to a wider audience.

The fourth and final addition to Shake was Brad Ohlson (bass). Having been trained in the art of jazz and funk, Ohlson's groovy style locked down what was already a tight rhythm section. His punchy and active style combined with Beaulieu's energetic and tasteful touch would provide the foundation for the band's distinct sound.

Tonight's show will be an acoustic iteration of Shake, focusing on their tight harmonies and old rock standards as well as contemporary pop radiations.

We're very excited to welcome SHAKE to our Meeting House on the Green family of musicians!

Doors - 6:30 p.m.

Location: On the Green

Suggested Donation: $10 per person at the door.

Lite Fare, Wine, Beer, and Desserts available for sale throughout the evening.